The British Friends
of Harvard Business School
Providing an invaluable source of financial aid to students attending Harvard Business School

The British Friends of HBS, a registered charity no. 100531, was set up in 1990 by the Harvard Business School Club of London to raise scholarship funds for British students to attend HBS as well as facilitate donations to HBS by alumni.  HBS gives full class/reunion credit for all donations to the British Friends.

Since 1992 the British Friends have awarded 70 partial tuition scholarships totalling over $1.8m. Each scholarship is awarded to a student who demonstrates financial need and who has been accepted by Harvard Business School as well as having gone through a rigorous selection process. Successful recipients must give an undertaking to contribute to the Scholarship Fund when the circumstances permit.



Adrian Beecroft, MBA 76
Sir Ronald Cohen, MBA 69
David Dutton, MBA 69
Sir Harpal Kumar, MBA 91
Sir Martin Sorrell, MBA 68


Chris Benson, MBA 09

Charles Lazarevic, AMP 161
Deputy Chair, Treasurer

Pippa Lamb, MBA 18
Communications and Events

Maria Balinska
UK US Fulbright Commission, London

Gulshan Batool, MBA 10
Marc Anani-Isaac, MBA 20

Observer —
Harvard Business School