Donations direct to Harvard Business School
All donations to the British Friends will be counted towards section and class giving reunion fundraising at Harvard Business School.

The English Charity Commissioners have agreed that British nationals paying UK tax can make gifts for the benefit of Harvard Business School through the British Friends for appropriate educational purposes and claim UK tax relief on their donations.

To make a donation send your cheque made out to ‘British Friends of Harvard Business School and fill out the gift aid form PDF (if a UK tax payer). If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please contact us. The British Friends will obtain the tax refund and add this amount to the donation and send onto the School.  A modest levy of £250 or 5%, whichever is higher, is applied which covers the cost of the bank transfer and the rest goes into the Scholarship Fund.  This is waived for first time donors who have left HBS in the previous five years up to and including their 5th year reunion.

All donations to the British Friends Scholarship Fund will count towards section and class reunion fundraising and annual lists of donations at HBS whether donations stay with the Scholarship Fund or are transferred to HBS for appropriate educational purposes.

Major Donations
(£10,000 or Over)

T Abuzayyad - MBA 96
P A B Beecroft - MBA 76
K Bingham - MBA 91
D Chandris - MBA 13
T Chawner - MBA 73
Sir Ronald Cohen - MBA 69
V Colao - MBA 90
J Curry – MBA 66
D M M Dutton - MBA 69
P Hansen - MBA 79
M Halusa - MBA 79
C Huot - MBA 11
E Kim & T Nhuoc Lan Tu - MBA 93
M Moghadam - MBA 97
Anthony Morgan - MBA 01
Allan Morgan - MBA 78
C Ogden - MBA 06
E Ogden - MBA 73
CNC Sherwood – MBA 85
A&C Strain - MBA 00/99
E Voli - MBA 90
P Wiggs - MBA 92
Estate of B Schroder - MBA 60